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Get your Early Access copy, dogs!


This is it. Our spiritual sucessor to the Pothead Zombies series, Battle Bruise, is now on steam!

Battle Bruise on Itch.io

2017-02-21 13:27:23 by leonardozimbres


Battle Bruise got a page on itch.io. It features the current (early access) version of the game. We're in dire need of feedback!


So far so good. Dog Duty, our main project in the last almost 3 years, is on it's final stages. Instead of spending some heavy time on kickstarter planning, mail logistics and etc, we would like to do something different: to launch a small experiment game on steam.


The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, and every vote will be of great support.

Happy new year,


An open world approach

2016-06-25 10:10:46 by leonardozimbres


That's right. We're working on a open world vehicle navigation. It will not be a GTA or anything like this, but we're doing our best to make a fun ride.

Still alive

2015-10-17 16:39:36 by leonardozimbres

We've been spending a good time on the inner game design works, but here we are.


...and the turncoat explosives specialist... Madness! Voiced by Mike Joseph.3519957_143454451462_Dog_Duty_Madness.jpg

From our artist, Hugo Vaz, the first Dog Duty team:


3519957_141683633123_IMG_20141115_175958939_HDR.jpgKodama San, cosplayer.