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Posted by leonardozimbres - January 9th, 2021


Just want to show a funny "bug" that got me few days ago. Giant shotgun shells dropping from my double barreled boom thing


Posted by leonardozimbres - June 7th, 2020

The world have been burning lately, and I'm always wondering on what is fair, while trying to not fall on easy exits and hipocrital dead-ends.

Straight to the point, I dont think there's a problem with flat-earthers and conspirationists, to a point. It's totally cool on believing that things are not what they're supposed to be (all our artists/devs efforts are efforts on this direction).

If you do think that the earth is not round/geoid/etc, that's cool. There's some math to play with, and, if you're a game developer, you may do a game called Minecraft (because the earth is flat on Minecraft). There's even a craft game where the earth is literally cube-shapped (cant remember the name right now), and that's cool.

Maybe along the road you will discover that you're wrong, or that current science is wrong, and both are valid paths. Our lives are full of getting things right and wrong.

There's, pehaps, a point where things gets ugly. When you believe on something without evidence, and force other people near you to also believe on it. First because if you say that you're certain about something, there's some degree of responsibility. If your belief moves people, you're responsible for what you say.

I say that because I do live in Brazil, and our president is taking hard steps on the Covid19 fight. Started dismissing it as a "communist histery". Then it was "just a flu". Then jokes. When dead tool got worse, "so what".

Yesterday, the president ordered to hide the daily death toll, saying that "it will better to Brazil".

It's being tough times here. I once believed that the good always win, like Batman, Mario and other heroes. But that was a long time now.

We are on the information era. We should not repeat mistakes made on the middle age, where the population could not read and access information real time.

Posted by leonardozimbres - October 26th, 2019


It's been a rough road, and I'm having some issues interfacing with other humans, due to stress, meds, the fall of Fallout 76, or something else.

Anyway, it's great to be finishing the game right now. Lot's of things got changed, updated, added, from good and honest player feedback.

It's the last call to send feedback, so, if you guys are curious enough, PM me and I will send a steam key for the first 10 NGs.



Posted by leonardozimbres - August 21st, 2018


Hi there!

Yeah, I'm finishing the biggest project in my life, Dog Duty, but, between emails, bug fixing times and port-works I've been working on Battle Bruise 2 for some time.

There's a lot I would like to write about, but, to not miss the chance, I would like to ask you, Newgrounds Citzen, on your thoughts on Battle Bruise. The game shares a special love, since the game kinda-born as a Pothead Zombies follow up game.

I would like to ask, if anyone is really reading this, your thoughts on the game, and if you have suggestions on cool stuff to check out here, on newgrounds. I've been trying to watch animations here weekly, but I'm pretty much sure there's a lot of gold here that I'm not aware.

Posted by leonardozimbres - June 30th, 2017

Get your Early Access copy, dogs!

Posted by leonardozimbres - May 4th, 2017


This is it. Our spiritual sucessor to the Pothead Zombies series, Battle Bruise, is now on steam!

Posted by leonardozimbres - February 21st, 2017


Battle Bruise got a page on itch.io. It features the current (early access) version of the game. We're in dire need of feedback!

Posted by leonardozimbres - January 21st, 2017


Posted by leonardozimbres - January 2nd, 2017

So far so good. Dog Duty, our main project in the last almost 3 years, is on it's final stages. Instead of spending some heavy time on kickstarter planning, mail logistics and etc, we would like to do something different: to launch a small experiment game on steam.


The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, and every vote will be of great support.

Happy new year,


Posted by leonardozimbres - June 25th, 2016


That's right. We're working on a open world vehicle navigation. It will not be a GTA or anything like this, but we're doing our best to make a fun ride.