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The world have been burning lately, and I'm always wondering on what is fair, while trying to not fall on easy exits and hipocrital dead-ends.

Straight to the point, I dont think there's a problem with flat-earthers and conspirationists, to a point. It's totally cool on believing that things are not what they're supposed to be (all our artists/devs efforts are efforts on this direction).

If you do think that the earth is not round/geoid/etc, that's cool. There's some math to play with, and, if you're a game developer, you may do a game called Minecraft (because the earth is flat on Minecraft). There's even a craft game where the earth is literally cube-shapped (cant remember the name right now), and that's cool.

Maybe along the road you will discover that you're wrong, or that current science is wrong, and both are valid paths. Our lives are full of getting things right and wrong.

There's, pehaps, a point where things gets ugly. When you believe on something without evidence, and force other people near you to also believe on it. First because if you say that you're certain about something, there's some degree of responsibility. If your belief moves people, you're responsible for what you say.

I say that because I do live in Brazil, and our president is taking hard steps on the Covid19 fight. Started dismissing it as a "communist histery". Then it was "just a flu". Then jokes. When dead tool got worse, "so what".

Yesterday, the president ordered to hide the daily death toll, saying that "it will better to Brazil".

It's being tough times here. I once believed that the good always win, like Batman, Mario and other heroes. But that was a long time now.

We are on the information era. We should not repeat mistakes made on the middle age, where the population could not read and access information real time.

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